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Wovn Technologies

Wovn Technologies, Inc., 2022/02

Create a world where all people can access all data in their native language.


Wovn Technologies is a tech company that develops and operates “WOVN.io” and “WOVN.app”, localization services made with the purpose of “Create a world where all people can access all data in their native language.” The theme of their new office is “a place that connects all tasks and embodies the corporate culture.” By creating a design that aims to “maximize employee interaction” and “conforms to the new social norms,” we aimed for a headquarters that every employee, new and old, would want to be part of. Exactly because we can now work from anywhere, the zoning, paths, and infrastructure are designed in such a way to encourage social connection and create a shared atmosphere and mood. In terms of spatial design, we excluded all decorative elements and aimed for “simplicity and reliability” to show functional beauty, embodying what their service provides. Other than using a minimum number of materials and getting experienced workers to polish up the fine details, we also used heavy and sturdy architectural elements to symbolize “reliability.” This project involved a painting workshop for employees to build their own shared office space during the COVID-19 pandemic when physical communication is being restricted. It really felt like the employees’ realization that everyone can play a part in building the company deepened their love for the company.

Wovn Technologies は、「世界中の人が、すべてのデータに、母国語でアクセスできるようにする」をミッションに、多言語化ソリューション「WOVN.io」および「WOVN.app」の開発・運営を行うテクノロジー企業。 新オフィスのテーマは、「全ての活動が結びつき、企業文化を体現できる場」で、「社員交流の最大化」と「新しい社会への対応」を目指した意匠を計画することで、メンバーの新旧にかかわらず一員でありたいと思える本拠地を目指した。

どこからでも仕事が出来る時代だからこそ、人と人とのつながりや、空気感や温度を共有する事を促すため、ゾーニングや動線、インフラ設備を含めて解決を目指し設計した。 空間のデザインは、彼らの提供するサービスと同様に、装飾性を排除し機能美を表す「質実剛健」を目指した。最小限の素材に職人の手仕事を詰め込み細部の意匠性を上げると共に、質量ある重厚さや建築構造体の設備を見せる荒々しさを引き出すことで、「剛」を印象づけるように計画している。


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Credit Information
Project Management : Canuch Inc.
Interior designer : Canuch Inc.
Construction : NOMURA Co., Ltd.
Furniture : DRACAENA
Photographer : Hideki Makiguchi

Project Outline
Location : Tokyo – Japan
Date of Completion : 02/2022
Principal Use : OFFICE
Total Floor Area : 1338.32㎡ / 14405.341ft²