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Bitkey, 2020/09

Bitkey Inc., headquartered in Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, is the provider of the bitkey platform, a unique key technology based on autonomous distributed systems. The bitkey logo comes from the idea of drawing an infinite world through a combination of the simplest triangular shapes. This concept is not limited to graphic design, but is also used in furniture.

株式会社ビットキーは、東京都中央区京橋に本社を置く、自律分散システムによる独自のキーテクノロジー「bitkey platform」の提供を行なっている企業。最小の図形である三角形の組み合わせで無限の世界を描く、ビットキーのロゴの考え方を場に落とし込んだ。グラフィック表現にとどまらず、家具においても同様の考え方を実践している。

Furthermore, by stacking together transparent logo pattern graphics as a technique to make use of the intervening space, a structure of infinite patterns is created, in which people can freely come and go through the spaces in between. The space-utilizing structure reflects bitkey’s approach of building a business that traverses multiple stacked layers. With the office project as a starting point, another concurrent project that uses bitkey’s technology to convert an entire building into DX has also been launched.

For the office, we aimed for a layout design that allows people to always recognize Bitkey’s services no matter where they are. We placed large curtains on flowing lines that use service colors to let people experience the intentions and colors of the services, enhancing the brand image and enabling a variegated use of space by switching between spaces of comfort. The distinctive lounge space is a communication lounge that incorporates culture throughout, and is a place to share the central idea of the message of CONNECT.

In this office, an an in-house technology workhub is used to eliminate divisions and create collaboration through it. The area occupied by the tenant is seamlessly connected to the entrance used by all tenants in the building. From the entrance, visitors can move to the elevator and conference room for scheduled meetings solely through the use of face recognition technology. Similarly, employees move through the building using face recognition and mobile FeliCa. The office has a free address system. Various types of seating are available for use and can be booked via a smartphone app. These include 29 solo work booths and 6 four-person work booths. In addition, information on the location of employees in the office, individual area’s states of congestion, and whether conference rooms are in use or not is presented visually on equipment such as tablets and monitors inside the office. This live office is also equipped with a product development lab, where the development team develops products in close cooperation with the sales and support departments. Early-stage prototypes are installed inside the office space, turning it into a living office that is constantly being updated.





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Credit Information
Project Design : Bitkey Inc. Yuki Ejiri
Interior designer : Canuch Inc.
Photographer : Nacasa&Partners & Hideki Makiguchi
Project Management : DE-SIGN Inc.
Construction : NOMURA Co., Ltd.
Green plants : Universal Engeisha Co., Ltd.
Lighting : FDS Keiji Kitada
Art Design : Bitkey

Project Outline
Location : Tokyo – Japan
Date of Completion : 09/2021
Principal Use : OFFICE
Total Floor Area : 2459.62㎡ / 26475.12934 ft²