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WACUL INC., 2016-2018

WACUL INC. is a company that, in cooperation with Google Analytics, offers an artificial intelligence "AI Analyst" that uses data analysis and issue identification to recommend easily understood improvement plans.

Google Analyticsと連携してデータを分析、課題発見から、わかりやすい改善案を提案する人工知能『AIアナリスト』を提供している企業。

When designing the interior, we proposed a plan that brought out the features of each area, beginning with the structure and expression of the architecture itself, and taking advantage of a layout that makes use of the characteristically irregular room shapes.

It was specified that the glass-partitioned entrance bring in external light, and that people’s facial expressions and movement should be sensed through the check mark logo visible from the entrance. The design is such that the company’s message – Simplifying decision-making through “voice of data” – is embodied by the “understanding” of what kind of people they are from the company culture visible from the entrance, so that a visitor can understand the company culture even without being told.

The collaboration area visible from the entrance is toned down overall so as to draw attention to people’s presence and movement, and the original furniture is made to give expression to the wooden materials and with the parts that are touched to have the familiar feel of wood. The furniture has been designed to have variations of things like how they are assembled, so as to accommodate the variety of working styles and moods of the workers.

The space was configured using the building’s characteristic angular and rounded shape and the brand’s check mark logo as a motif. This strengthens the brand image, and makes it a quintessential WACUL INC. office that aims to be an environment where people, who cannot be replaced by AI, can work creatively and enjoyably.




建築の躯体形状である特徴的な角度やアール形状と、ブランドの持つチェックマークのロゴをモチーフにして空間を構成し、ブランドイメージの強化と、AIに置き換えられない、人がクリエイティブかつ楽しんで仕事ができる環境を目指した、WACUL INC.らしいオフィスとなっている。

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Client: WACUL INC.
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Photography: Hideki Makiguchi