Design and Construction.


  • SHIFTBRAIN is a development and production company that is mainly based in the digital sector and our fortes include communication planning, design, and technology.
    We recognized the move as an opportunity to reconstruct our client's brand, and consequently we tried to embed the brand concept into the design of the new workplace.

    The aim was to create a theme for the offices that would express a willingness to experiment with different ways of working, to attempt new methods of communication, and to foster creativity. The site for the new offices chosen by SHIFTBRAIN was a detached building near the outer gardens of Tokyo's Meiji Shrine. Although the building's unique layout, which divides the space into six blocks distributed across three floors, at first seemed unsuited for our chosen theme, we sought to explore the avenues of communication and creativity that could be possible even in this divided space.

    Our basic layout designates the first floor, which provides the only access into or our out of the building, as a communication space, and the second and third floors as workspaces. By eliminating all unnecessary doors and creating a sense of openness, we aimed to promote continuity across the different spaces. We also created a kitchen and lounge as well as a breakout space on the second floor where occupants must remove their shoes as a way to promote communication. Finally, we carefully structured the various spaces of the building around elements of the Innovation Engine advocated by Tina Seelig as a way to accelerate SHIFTBRAIN's inherent creative talent.

    Any creative space in the workplace must be built upon the foundation of a corporate culture. A successful space must also integrate the vision, personality, and unique humanity of the diverse workforce that resides there. Furthermore, such a space must promote concentration by controlling the sense of scale in each space, thereby becoming a place where the occupants can coalesce the knowledge gained from their individual experiences and achieve the wisdom of crowds.

    The emphasis on rough or unfinished surfaces alludes to the interactivity that is born of people's residual presence, and provides the final touches on an office that contains all the hallmarks of SHIFTBRAIN's creative design.
  • SHIFTBRAINは、デジタル領域を中心としたコミュニケーションプランニング、デザイン、テクノロジーを得意とした制作プロダクション。移転にあたりブランドの再構築を行い、働く環境にもそのブランドの考え方を落とし込んでいる。





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