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Salon de kurumicco

Beniya, 2018

KAMAKURA BENIYA is a long-established business with its main branch in Kamakura and a history stretching back 65 years. Based on the theme of Kurumicco, one of the popular products they offer, they opened a concept salon on the 2nd floor of their flagship branch where customers can experience the world of sweets.


Kurumicco is a baked, buttery pastry sandwich chock-full of crunchy walnuts and a homemade caramel that intertwines sweetness and a slight bitterness. When designing the main branch 2nd floor, we tried to incorporate the texture and visual features of the pastry and to give it a sense of entertainment that expanded on the Kurumicco worldview.

Elements included wall tiles fired to match the color of the pastry, original terrazzo tiles with a design that brings to mind a walnut’s cross-section, and walls designed with organic curves that remind you of the package design. Also, tables and chairs made of Oguni cedarwood, with its characteristic gentle softness. It was designed so that customers can enjoy the Kurumicco worldview with all their senses.

The menu, specially prepared for the salon, features limited items that can only be enjoyed here. In order to inspire conversations based on the sweets and to evoke the company’s philosophy as “a confectionery maker who prioritizes feelings over ‘deliciousness'”, this 2nd-floor salon uses innocuous materials for all other interior design elements. It is a place that offers the kind of comfort where conversations, centering on sweets, blossom like flowers.




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Client: Kamakura Beniya
Design & Direction: Canuch Inc.
Furniture: FIL
Custom Furniture: DRACENA
Lighting: Modulex
BI Planning: Farmstead .inc
Photography: Hideki Makiguchi

Project Detail
Date of Completion: 10/2018
Principal Use: SHOP
Floor size: 107m2
Location: Kanagawa, Japan