Design and Construction.


  • KAMAKURA BENIYA is a well-established business founded 65 years ago. They are a confectionery manufacturer that focuses on deliciousness before all else. The flagship store is located in the vaunted sightseeing city of Kamakura, which sees 20 million visitors annually. The renewal project started with a simple question, "How do we express the essence of KAMAKURA BENIYA here?"

    We decided on a plan for the interior that would highlight the special features of the location while reminding people of the handmade baked goods and tie the space and confections together.

    Firstly, to bring out the impression of handmade baked goods, tiles in the shape and color reminiscent of baked goods were added to the design for the wall. To connect the space and confections together visually, the KAMAKURA ZANSHO imprint from the renewed packaging design was represented on the wood paneling. In order to keep customer service at the forefront, a display counter that encourages interaction with the customer was introduced.

    With a design that fully exhibits the key points of good business, it can become a real statement that expresses the essence of the shop honestly. By the store giving a strong and lasting impression, memories of the shop will stay with people even after the goods themselves are gone.
  • 創業65年を超える老舗企業である鎌倉紅谷。




    Project Detail
    Size : 107m2 / 1151.74 ft2 / 32坪
    Year : 10/2018
    Location : Kanagawa,Japan
    Design & Direction : Canuch 
    Furniture : FIL
    Custom Furniture : DRACENA
    Lighting : Modulex
    BI Planning : Farmstead .inc

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