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eBOOK Initiative Japan

eBOOK Initiative Japan, 2019

“eBOOK Initiative Japan“operates the E-book service, “ebookjapan”, and engages in content digitization and streaming. In order to accommodate for the increase in staff numbers; to resolve communication issues arising from the previous office layout; and to enhance productivity and efficiency, the company has relocated offices.

eBOOK Initiative Japan は、電子書籍サービスebookjapan の運営と、コンテンツの電子化および配信サービスを行なっている企業。事業の拡大による人員の増強と、現状のオフィスのフロア分断によるコミュニケーション問題を解決し、業務効率と生産性向上を図るため移転を実施した。

Along with the rebranding of the logo, the concept for the office layout has been reconsidered. The new workspace has been designed to reflect the company’s sense of humor born from its involvement in the comic book industry and to convey the respect that it has towards the culture of publishing. Also, the space has been planned so as to inspire a greater sense of pride among the employees.

The reception room’s interior design incorporates the lingo used by comic artists and publishers and pays homage to devices used in comics, including the comic strip layout and speech bubbles in order to suggest the nature of the comic book business. Also, to capture the ever waning sense of the materiality of the book, a spacious library that can be observed from the entrance has been incorporated. The entirety of the design has been planned to pay respect to the book publishing culture.

The workspace has been re-envisioned so that there are no designated desks for employees. Also, the desks have been arranged in an irregular fashion to facilitate spontaneous conversation. Furthermore, the spacious meeting room has been designed to easily facilitate casual gatherings where debates and pleasantries could be exchange, fostering a sense of cohesiveness and solidarity.

Not only is the aesthetics of the office space important — considering that it is the place where meetings with visitors are realized — but we also believe that it must reflect the employees’ attitudes and their work culture.





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Client: eBOOK Initiative Japan
Project Management: Seiwa Business Co., Ltd.
Design & Direction: Canuch Inc.
Construction: Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd.
Photography: Hideki Makiguchi

Project Outline
Size: 2161.94m2
Year: 02/2019
Location: Tokyo, Japan