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WOVN Technologies Inc., 2018

Wovn Technologies, Inc. provides dedicated BPO services that support global businesses,
such as translation and promotion.

Wovn Technologies 株式会社(旧社名 株式会社ミニマル・テクノロジーズ)は、
翻訳やプロモーションを始めとしたグローバルビジネスを支援する専用BPO(Business Process Outsouring)サービスを行なっている企業。

The designed office interior, similar to their services, aimed for functional “simplicity and sturdiness” with minimal decoration. The method of using minimal materials tends to give a light impression, but they have achieved a design that gives an impression of “sturdiness,” which brings out the massive solidity of the construction and the rough expression. It is a method of leaving an even stronger impression of their services.

In the upper middle of the layout is an open collaboration area that is positioned so to be the starting point of communication in and out of the company, and is also an area that can function as chosen depending on the user’s mood and situation of use.
Also, by positioning this space in between the engineer and sales sections, the noise problems due to the difference in tasks are also alleviated due to the distance, improving livability.

The office design with the third relocation has been updated yet again in terms of improvement in task efficiency in the space from more intimate discussions regarding future business ventures, as well as an interior that contributes to the brand.




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Client: Wovn Technologies
Project Management: Canuch Inc.
Design: Canuch Inc.
Photography: Hideki Makiguchi

Project Outline
Year: 04/2018
Location: Tokyo,Japan