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Look into Nature

ADAL, 2022/06

In Japan how to relate with things and spaces are aggregated in construction of their relationships such as respecting their harmony and enhancing the environment.
Lateral thinking to look at four seasons and how to utilize materials are Japanese view of nature coming from its unique culture in order to convey the difficulty and awe of coexisting with nature.
Paying attention to this view of nature once again, we propose the way how things should exist in landscape where our actions and behaviors become part of it, by presenting 'Harmonizing Landscape' as a part of 'Look into Nature'.

日本における物と空間の関わり方は、調和を重んじ、環境を引き立てるその関係性の構築に集約されています。四季を空間に取り入れる建築的な工夫や、素材の特性を活かしたライフサイクルの考え方は、自然と共存していくことの難しさや畏怖を伝えるためにできた、メッセージとしての日本の独特な文化の自然観。今一度、この自然観に着目し、環境との関わり合いの中で、自らの行動や所作も風景の一部となる物の在り方を、《Look into Nature》という言葉によせて再定義する。

“At the Milano Design Week 2019 ADAL launched the original furniture which focused on Japanese traditional material ‘Igusa’ (rush) with the theme ‘Look into Nature’. 3 years have passed from the 1st collection, Look into Nature is presented with new perspective as a part of rebranding.
The new theme is ‘Harmonizing Landscape’.
The brand features the harmony among people, things and spaces, which was cultivated in the Japanese lifestyle.
In an uncertain situation around the world, through this brand ADAL wants to propose values for people to live affluently.”

Look into Nature ‘Harmonizing Landscape’
People, things and spaces become one landscape
To live together is to accept each other
Nature is not a part of human beings, but human beings are a part of nature

What ADAL proposes are the hue and the texture of furniture that creates a landscape harmonizing with nature.
The tone of colors are adjusted in order to play a supporting role of making the most of the environment. As a result, the characteristics of the environment are respected, and the colors of natural materials are strengthened so that they become familiar with the environment.
It is a proposal to create a landscape that gazes at nature from the comfortable relationship between people, things and nature.

「自然への注視」をテーマとして、”い草”と言う日本独自の素材に注目したオリジナリティの高い家具の発表をしたMilano Design Week 2019から3年を経て、今回ブランドの視座を新たにリブランディング。

Look into Nature 「親和する風景」


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Client : ADAL Co.,Ltd.
Rebranding Total Direction : Yosuke Kinoshita (CANUCH)
2nd Season Product design : Michael Geldmacher
Planning : ADAL Team