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Genesia Ventures

Genesia Ventures,Inc., 2023/12

The depth of lapis lazuli color in the spatial design connects to the vision and corporate identity.


We have organized and constructed the space based on various perspectives, including how Genesia Ventures should be perceived by investors, the brand awareness from the viewpoint of visitors, practical functionality as an office for a business creation platform, and sharing a vision within the team.

To convey the actual sense of creation as a business creation platform, we propose an open and impressionable space, both internally and externally, creating an environment where the bold attitude towards challenging the future industries becomes apparent in an instant.

In terms of specific design elements, the entrance provides a glimpse into the internal space, with layers of glass that deepen in color as they overlap, creating a visual representation of the corporate identity. The consistent use of blue throughout reflects the unity of the brand. The strategically placed greenery conveys a strong message of growing together with entrepreneurs, imbuing the space with the concept of “growth,” symbolizing not only the plants’ growth but also the robust growth of the individuals and businesses.

Derived from the office theme “Orbit,” the interconnected elements give a sense of a space where everything is connected, strongly asserting itself as a place to propel the business onto a trajectory.

投資家からどのようにGenesia Venturesとして認知されるべきか、来訪者からのブランド認知の視点と、事業創造プラットフォームのオフィスとしての実務的な機能性、インナーへのVisionの共有などの観点をもとに、それらをふまえて空間化する要素を整理し構築しました。




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Credit Information
Brand Design / Visual Design : 割石 裕太 (OH)
Interior Design : 木下 陽介 / 野口 優輔 (CANUCH)
Direction : 一戸将未 (Genesia Ventures, Inc.)
Green : Universal Engeisha Co., Ltd.
Photo:Hideki Makiguchi

Project Outline
Location : Tokyo – Japan
Date of Completion : 12/2023
Principal Use : OFFICE
Total Floor Area : 311.76㎡ / 3355.841ft²