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GAME FREAK, 2023/09

"The Urban Space Connected by an Inner Garden"

Game Freak Co., Ltd. is a company that develops home video game software such as the "Pokémon" series, as well as smartphone games. To update the changes in work style brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, they carried out renovations of their office.



The design of the office consists of various areas, each composed of elements similar to those found in the world of games. The most trafficked paths are likened to “streets” in the game field, and these streets, reminiscent of inner gardens, are designed to generate encounters and discoveries akin to spontaneous creativity.

Within the office area, each team’s space is seen as a “town,” with the central corridor forming a composition that connects all these “towns” together.The recharge space located at the center of the office is designed with inspiration from the Pokémon Center, a facility within the game, imagining a comfortable environment within the monster balls for the monsters to recharge. As a result, in a way, the workers also feel like characters within the game.



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Interior designer : Canuch Inc.
Photographer : Hideki Makiguchi
Project Management : DE-SIGN Inc.
Construction : Sumisho Building Management
Green plants : Universal Engeisha Co., Ltd.
Lighting : FDS Keiji Kitada
Furniture : DRACAENA

Project Outline
Total Floor Area : ≒1450/2860.59㎡
Year: 09/2023
Location : Tokyo,Japan