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LIN Milano Design Week 2023

ADAL, 2023

I designed the exhibition for the project showcased in the Brera district during Milan Design Week 2023. The exhibition layout was created to evoke the "texture," "fragrance," and "color" of the primary material, "igusa," used in the collection.


Under the theme of “Observing Nature,” the brand presented uniquely designed furniture focusing on the Japanese indigenous material “igusa” at Milano Design Week 2019. After three years, the brand has embarked on a rebranding journey with a new perspective. With the new theme “Harmonious Landscape,” the brand aims to guide interactions considering the harmony between people, objects, and spaces nurtured in the Japanese lifestyle. In the midst of globally uncertain circumstances, the brand seeks to propose values that enrich people’s lives and contribute to living more abundantly.

「自然への注視」をテーマとして、”い草”と言う日本独自の素材に注目したオリジナリティの高い家具の発表をしたMilano Design Week 2019から3年を経て、今回ブランドの視座を新たにリブランディング。

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Client : ADAL Co.,Ltd.
Rebranding Total Direction : Yosuke Kinoshita (CANUCH)
2nd Season Product design : Michael Geldmacher
Coordinate : Alice Ida Salerni