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TBWA \ HAKUHODO, 2019/09

In establishing "DISCO," talents from around the world, including those who are active in cities like Los Angeles and New York, have come together. A team of specialists has been formed to support a system where all processes from planning to delivery are carried out internally, ensuring a seamless production process. This project aims to create a workspace that supports such specialists.


The spatial design, named after the initials of “Disruption Contents,” reflects the historical significance of DISCO, which originally began as a social gathering place for minorities and evolved into a platform for cultural dissemination. Additionally, the location of TBWA HAKUHODO’s office being the former site of the legendary DISCO club “Juliana” is also taken into consideration.

We have considered the theme of “the stage of production,” focusing not only on the visible works but also on spotlighting the specialists who create them. Drawing inspiration from the structure of a stage, which is often associated with disco and spotlights, we have designed the space to feature the brilliance of a mirror ball. This is achieved by incorporating patterns of black glass on the walls, in conjunction with TBWA HAKUHODO’s corporate identity, and arranging pendant lights in a line to create a subtle boundary, setting the stage for potential creativity.

空間デザインは、 「コンテンツをディスラプトする。:Disruption Contents」の頭文字が意味する名前で、 DISCOは元来マイノリティの社交場として始まり、カルチャー発信の場として発展したという歴史性があり、 TBWA HAKUHODOのオフィスの場所が、伝説のDISCO「ジュリアナ」の跡地という特徴も考慮している。


DISCOの名前から連想する、ミラーボールやスポットのある対象を印象的にする舞台の構造から、ミラーボールの持つ煌びやかさやは、TBWA HAKUHODOのCIと掛け合わせてブラックガラスのパターンで壁面に構成、 ペンダントライトをライン上に組み上げ洗剤的に感じる境界線を作り出し、舞台と設定した。

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Credit Information
Interior Design : 木下 陽介 / 野口 優輔 (CANUCH)
Construction: NOMURA Co., Ltd.
Green : Green Road Co., Ltd.
Photo:Hideki Makiguchi

Project Outline
Location : Tokyo – Japan
Date of Completion : 09/2019
Principal Use : OFFICE