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RGF Professional Recruitment

RGF Professional Recruitment, 2018

Our mission was to build an office design that would remind visitors and workers of the strong trust engendered by the Recruit brand and the expertise which allows the company to bridge different industries on a global level.


RGF Professional Recruitment Japan is the bilingual recruitment division of Recruit Group, the largest recruitment company in Japan. As part of their business expansion, they have increased their personnel and moved into a larger office.

RGF is a global company whose experienced and knowledgeable consultants provide expert service in the job type or industry of those looking to change jobs. Our mission was to build an office design that would remind visitors and workers of the strong trust engendered by the Recruit brand and the expertise which allows the company to bridge different industries on a global level.

Our concept words were Expertise, Trust, and Bridge, in the sense of bringing people together. Important design elements related to bridging between people were applied to space. Expertise is represented in the details wrought by the practiced techniques of craftspeople, while trust is expressed through the gentle feel of natural materials which imply intimacy when touched. In order to make conversation easier in the space, the interior was coordinated using home-style, natural furniture.

The walls are covered with truss structures, one of the most basic elements of bridge-making, in an effort to provide a latent unified brand concept.
Meeting room floors are covered in graphic design carpets with an urban theme. As a company which connects people all around the world, as well as “people and opportunities”, “present and future”, and “here and the world”, the design also nods to the Recruit brand’s global perspective.

The work area is not a uniform layout for increasing the number of employees, but rather it follows relaxed, flowing lines, creating blank spaces in the room which allow for break out areas and open meeting spaces. As a result, meetings will naturally happen more often along the main lines of flow, an important design element that will also function to promote communication.

The collaboration area is set up as a zone for worker flow lines to intersect, a place where they can live everyday lives and create a culture within the company. With bar and cafe areas, billiards and other tools for them to use to effectively increase intracompany exchanges, they can find an environment that will allow them to live natural and stress-free lives as they please. Being able to talk with each other in a candid and natural way brings people closer together and provides more opportunities for building trust. The corporate culture being formed is made up of a collection of people’s individualities and a shared goal. That is why we believe that the role of an office is to prepare the direction for building a culture and to design the space in a supporting role.

RGF Professional Recruitment Japanは、日本最大のリクルートメント・カンパニーであるリクルートグループのバイリンガル人材紹介部門。業務拡大に伴う人員増員のため、オフィスの拡張移転を実施。

RGFは転職活動者に対し、職種及び業界に精通し 、経験と知識を備えたコンサルタントがサービスを提供しているグローバル企業。リクルート社のブランドが持つ信頼感と、グローバルな視点を持って業界を橋渡しする高い専門性を、来訪者やワーカーに意識づけるオフィスデザイン構築することがミッションであった。

コンセプトは、「専門性 professional」と「信頼感 Establish trust」、人をつなぐという意味を込めた「ブリッジ Bridge」。人の橋渡しに関わる重要なデザイン要素として、空間へインストールした。専門性は、職人の熟練の技術を用いたディティールで語り、信頼は、親密さを感じさせるように触れる部分は自然素材で人へ優しく接する。それらの空間は、会話を引き出しやすくするめ、ホームテイストでナチュラルな家具を用いてコーディネートをすることを心がけた。




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Client: RGF Professional Recruitment Japan
Project Management: Canuch Inc.
Design & Direction: Canuch Inc.
Sign system planning, Graphic design: Kamimura & Co.
Construction: PLUG-IN
Lighting: ModuleX
Photography: Hideki Makiguchi, Canuch Inc. and Kamimura & Co.

Project Outline
Floor size: 1266.12㎡
Year: 04/2018
Location: Tokyo, Japan