Design and Construction.


  • In Kumamoto Prefecture, FIL brand furniture uses Oguni Sugi cedar, a locally grown timber in Aso District, Minamioguni. The sensations of experiencing the land and handling the materials have taken form as memories. Having respect for the environment where the materials are from, we sample from that environment and bring it close to you. The weighty feel of cedar and the contrasting material of the frame bring out the quality in the cedar, and these values of increased lightness makes you feel like a fresh breeze in the natural environment of the Aso District Oguni would.

    The MASS series is, just as its name suggests, products that fascinate with mass, making use of the lightness of the weight of cedar, designed with bold thickness and surface area. We tried to express the materials in a different way from how existing furniture makes use of them and is structured. We aim to bring to bring to mind the value in the materials and vitality and environment of in the timber with this project.
  • 熊本県は阿蘇郡南小国町の地場産の木材である小国杉を使用したFIL STUDIOS™のファニチャー MASS シリーズ。土地を体験し素材に触れ、その感覚が記憶として形に移されていく。


    Furniture : Canuch (FIL STUDIOS™)

  • th_FILIMG_8462
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  • th_FIL02_chair
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    MASS Series Dining Chair (Prototype)
    Natural Wood & Copper Frame
    W590 D670 SH420 AH610
  • th_FIL03_Loungechair
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    MASS Series Lounge Chair (Prototype)
    Natural Wood & Copper Frame
    W605 D680 H530 SH365 AH510
  • th_FIL04_Table_
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    MASS Series 900 Round Table (Prototype)
    Natural Wood & Copper Frame
    900φ H700
  • th_FIL05_Coathanger
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    MASS Series Coat hanger (Prototype)
    Natural Wood & Copper Frame
    φ450 H1600
  • th_FIL06_Stool1
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    MASS Series 4leg Stool (Prototype)
    Natural Wood
    φ380 H450
  • th_FIL07_Stool2
    7 / 10
    MASS Series Hundle Stool (Prototype)
    Natural Wood & Copper Frame
    φ380 H450

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  • th_FILDSC08381
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  • th_FILDSC08382
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Photo by FIL™