Design and Construction.

Canuch Inc.

  • CANUCH Inc. moved its operations to the Jingumae area of Tokyo. During the relocation, we looked at how we might use and arrange materials and elements within the new space. We explored ways of creating a new kind of resonance between these elements. The most remarkable thing that we have done over the past few months is to dramatically alter the way in which people perceive and pursue light in the space.

    CANUCH Inc. carefully considered how to develop an environment where the space is both rigid and dynamic. It changes depending on when natural light hits it and how the light enters from the window in summer and winter. We also constructed a platform so that the work area is slightly elevated. The work area contains integrated table-style desks with real wooden work surfaces, which gives the impression of weight and thickness. This material is complemented by a striking yet understated wax finish. The desk's materials were chosen because they will allow the character of the desk to change as it is used over the years and they are inclined to reflect traces of humanity in nature and objects. Underneath each work surface is a specially-designed metal plate that creates a storage space.

    The materials have all been used in their natural form, which conveys a sense of purity. CANUCH Inc. wants everybody to experience the different elements of the environment and immerse themselves in the space. We see this as the ultimate response to modernity. Essentially, we believe that we "create" something not by filling a space with objects that we make but by preparing an empty space in which creativity can flourish.
  • 東京は神宮前に拠点を移した弊社CANUCH Inc.は、オフィスの移転に伴い再度空間に配置する素材や要素と向き合いながら要素の新しい共鳴を模索した。まず印象的なのは光への憧れや認識が、ここ数ヶ月で大きく変わった事。



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Photo by Ryouhei Jingu /※下部4枚を除く