Design and Construction.

Black Beard Design Studio Shinjuku

  • Black Beard Design Studio is a CG production company headquartered in Tokyo. Merging and relocating offices to increase production efficiency by taking advantage of having all workers in one location, and consolidating the branding continued from previous designs, it was necessary to present internally and externally a Black Beard Design Studio likeness and how things are.

    In order to carry out production work efficiently, the environment is very important, and we created that environment by partitioning the entrance and work area. With a flexible space that can be converted for various applications, we respect the individual's concentration environment, and we took down flow planning in the layout to account for the on-off moods of staff. Concentration environments are bright spaces, and environments where staff can refresh are dark, with unnecessary information limited. We created a space to meet customers that matches the image of an environment in which staff can move from visual changes to organize information in their heads.

    As the key to our branding is "pirates," a wood grain with a strong vintage feel creates the impression of a sailor coming to a tavern. And though it is a darkly illuminated space, we have built a layer to connect the spaces out of clear glass, the open space thereby eliminating any oppressive feelings. Through a painstaking expression of a world view that emphasizes entertainment, and applying a style that matches that view with modern times, we feel we created a space that considers the Black Beard Design Studio brand and the people who work here.
  • ブラックベアードデザインスタジオは東京に本社を置くCG製作会社。オフィス統合移転によりワーカーが1カ所に集まるメリットを活かして生産効率を上げる事と、引き継いでいくべきブランドイメージを統合整理し、内外へブラックベアードデザインスタジオらしさとあり方を提示する必要があった。



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Photo by Hideki Makiguchi