Design and Construction.


  • AXEL ENTERMEDIA,INC. is involved in business related to artist fan club operations on PCs, mobile phones, and smartphones as well as mail order sales and live events. They are creating a service that provides “Fun to Fans” by the guiding business principal of maximizing fun by providing an environment in which as many fans as possible can get their hands on content that they were unable to before through optimizing the information flow between fans who share an interest in the rights holders and their associated rights.
    Their office environment is furnished with many pieces of furniture that are works of art with a long history. They take great care in using genuine articles that can be used for many years and not mere replicas. Their respect of originality in products is evidence of how they respect and support the originality of top-class artists and brands. It also reflects their deep understanding of creators and all expressive individuals. Similar to the presence created by the authentic furniture, the thoughtful arrangement of furniture expresses their corporate image by making empty space a groundwork for vintage furniture made with materials to match the same sense of history as contained in the trees that were used to manufacture them.
  • PC・ケータイ・スマートフォン向けアーティストファンクラブの運営や、 通販、ライブイベントなどに付随した業務を行っていAXELENTERMEDIA,INC.。ライツホルダーとそのライツに対して共通の趣向性を持つユーザ(Fan)との間の情報流通を最適化、一人でも多くのFanに対して、今まで手に入れることのできなかったコンテンツが手に入れられる環境を提供する事で生み出せる「喜び(Fun)」を最大化する経営理念のもと、「Fun to Fans」のサービスを創り出しています。

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Photo by Hideki Makiguchi