Design and Construction.


  • ANAGRAMS Inc. is an advertising consulting firm specializing in search engine & Facebook advertising.

    Just like the transposition suggested by our name—"Anagrams," wordplay—the distinctive telephone stand at our entrance is styled in a design that evokes, and takes the place of, our triangular logo. Our work area and communications zone have been transformed by the use of open partitions; our squared, open counter space acts as a breezy, informal divider between the two areas that nonetheless maintains a sense of connection, allowing those in the work area to glance in and participate during seminars.

    The Oak flooring and use of white in the visitor area provide a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for guests, and the low-key, calming environment of the work area is designed to allow those present to focus on business. The simplicity in the design is key to creating a highly-livable office intended for long-term use.

  • リスティング、Facebook広告などの運用型広告コンサルティング専門会社であるアナグラム株式会社。



    Lighting : ModuleX Inc.
    PM : Hitokara media Inc.

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Photo by HIDEKI MAKIGUCHI ※下部一枚を除く。