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  • The IA Project involves artist management of multi creator such as "Jin", "Sidu", "Ishifuro", and the planning and development of "IA", the Vocaloid™3 compatible singing voice library. The IA Project, managed by 1st PLACE Co., Ltd. an office with numerous affiliated artists, supports the creative activity of all their creators. The theme for the office has the feeling of a space, always bathed in light, in which they can productively work regardless of the time.At the entrance you can always feel that luminance, the logo pattern transformation, expressed and created through shades of light and the shadows from the indirect and outside light.

    The work space, with light from 3 sources, has a favorable view, creating a strong sense of liberation, with the space partitioned through alterations in the steps and painting. The customised table desk has a bright tabletop. The work chair is a Haworth "Very". Configured with an impression of lightness and imported textile, its appearance is sharp. The president's office is an emerald green space laid out with vintage furniture and also a matching easy chair and sofa. A newly established studio and more have also been set up this time with related color schemes.
  • カゲロウプロジェクトなどの代表作を放つマルチクリエイターのじんや、しづ、石風呂などのアーティストのマネジメント、VOCALOID™3対応の歌声ライブラリ [IA] の企画・開発、全てのクリエイターの創作活動支援を行うプロジェクト [IA PROJECT] を運営をする1st PLACE株式会社


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Photo by Hideki Makiguchi